The Bucket List

Posted on May 25, 2010


Before I die I want to …

  • parasail off of Rainbow Bridge
  • live on every continent (except Antarctica)
  • fall in love again
  • take all my kids and their spouses to Italy
  • bike from the east to the west coast
  • write the books in my head
  • visit a supercollider
  • learn Italian and remember French
  • build my own home
  • retire, so I can get more work done
  • live in a house without one white wall
  • own a red velvet gown
  • overcome my fear of heights
  • quit blushing
  • be requested as a welfare consultant by a head of state
  • spend a week in the Smithsonian
  • have an afternoon to chat with Stephen Hawking
  • be my children’s best friend, my grandchildren’s favorite toy
  • overcome my fear of open water and sea animals
  • read the top 100 literary works in a garden hammock
  • be an angel investor

What’s on your list?

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