The Glad Game

Posted on June 8, 2010


When things get dark, as they sometimes do, it’s helpful to smack someone. I mean, it’s helpful to smile, and count your blessings.

I was thinking today that my life is about as happy as it’s ever been, and I have a lot that I appreciate, and that’s saying something, because I’m pretty generally a happy person. When times weren’t so pleasant, I counted my blessings. And I was happy then, too. So I thought I’d count my blessings now and see what happens. It’s sort of a physics experiment. We’ll see if I spring a leak somewhere.

Disclaimer: I do not believe in playing The Glad Game, however. There is no point ignoring something stupid (I know, another banned word), wrong, or devastating and trying to smear a coat of greasy gratitude over it. Stupid, wrong, or devastating things need attention, even if only to state in unequivocal terms how stupid, wrong or devastating they are. But there’s a point when you can’t do too much more on the SWorD front, and you need a refocus. The Glad Game is denial. Gratitude: that’s just the laws of physics working in your favor.

So let’s see what happens if you expand something that’s already feeling full.

I’m grateful for . . .

  • fingers
  • cold water
  • seeing
  • ice cream
  • scissors
  • laughing
  • newborn baby smell
  • hot showers
  • music
  • shiny fabrics
  • rings
  • dirt (in flower pots)
  • my bed
  • good stories
  • kind friends
  • strawberries
  • flowers
  • books
  • pilot V5 precise rolling ball pens
  • a God who listens and talks
  • my computer
  • interesting experiences
  • avocados
  • windows
  • green grass without chiggers
  • rain
  • the first rays of sun shining in the valley over the mountain
  • fresh tomatoes
  • being with my kids

No leaks. I’d say we’re built to expand with a bit of gratitude. What’s your 2-minute gratitude list?

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