I am a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, and friend, trying to help people out whenever I can. This is not a professional blog, although I love what I do. This is not a writer’s blog, although I am a writer. This is not a friends blog, although I do have them.

This is a blog to my kids, who live in cyberspace – sort of an online “this is what I’ve found that works” DIY life manual. It’s what I would say about living a decent, examined life, when everyone’s in bed and beyond that kind of philosophizing.

You’re welcome to come along for the ride and comment if you feel so inspired. And yes, my last name is Blythe, Virginia.

If you need to contact me personally, you are welcome to write me at bonnievision at gmail – you know how to convert that to an address.

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  1. Blue Eyes

    May 19, 2013

    The woman next to you looks like a great person..

    I love older persons they know the price of life and love …. young people only knows the potential of life and think theirs will be glorious…. and though we should have some enthusiasm in live and courage, they are of no use if we have no wisdom and caution …. and humility… Just trying to do our best but not unduly putting ourselves in dangerous situations … love is one such dangerous situations … we women know it … because we know what the stakes are

    Older people or those who have suffer and did not have it easy, know how fragile and vulneralbe it all is … they are much wiser for it and more human too though they may realise that human beings should never be trusted entirely. They also have learned not to judge unduly..

  2. Hi Bonnie( Virginia) i realy apreciated and liked your blog and cleansing advice.
    Many thnks and warm wishes.



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