Thinking that an “act of faith” really is an action, I believe in walking into the darkness. I also believe that if God asks us to do that, when we get to the edge of the light and walk three more steps, we will find the way swept clear. It wasn’t a vicious prank, His strange request … He’s carefully moved anything that might cause us to stumble.

And He loves us, so he leaves little bowls of candy for us to find, when the light catches up to us.

Life is about walking into the darkness, the light catching up to us, and little bowls of candy.

He leaves me truffles. What kind does He set out for you?

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  1. Janine

    March 7, 2012

    I found your site when I was searching the word “hineni.” I love this: “Life is about walking into the darkness, the light catching up to us, and little bowls of candy. He leaves me truffles. What kind does He set out for you?”

    It very much describes my walk the last several years. Definitely have been walking into darkness (sometimes feels like a deep dark cavern and I’m going down…down…down). I so appreciate it when the light catches up with me and also love it when God gives me the little things along the way, though I have not thought of it of candy (but I like it).

    About 10 years ago, I started praying and telling God that I would do anything to end the generational curse in our family so that I wouldn’t pass it along to my boys. Well, he has answered the prayer, but in the process, I have had to give up pretty much everything that I thought I needed to survive (my marriage, my extended family, homeschooling, financial security). It has been an extremely painful journey, but I am so incredibly grateful for what God has done.

    I’m still right in the middle of the story. Just finished a lot of the big battles and am anticipating what God has for us next. I told a friend today that I feel like Nehemiah holding a sword in one hand fighting off the attackers (mostly my family) and trying to rebuild the wall (restore sanity in my life and my kids’ lives) at the same time.

    Earlier this year, I felt like God told me the word for this year is “Stand. And rebuild.” That is why when I read the definition of hineni, I was amazed. I have taken the word “stand” as in “stand to get equilibrium” or as in Eph. 6 “and having done all, to stand.” But, hineni casts a light from a different angle. Another facet.

    I can tell I get a little glimmer, but definitely can’t get my mind completely around it. Thanks for what you have written.


  2. melodynew

    March 29, 2012

    Definitely dark chocolate. With bacon. From Vosges.

    I adore this allegory.


  3. Blue Eyes

    May 19, 2013

    I think many people do that : stand and rebuilt because it is a survival thing


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