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Which Side of the Lines? Wheat or Tares? Choose.

September 7, 2012


For more than a month I’ve felt driven in family times each evening to talk to my teens (I have five still at home) about asking more of themselves. We can get up each day, brush our teeth, put on clothes, go do our thing, come home and relax, go do fun stuff, and go […]

We Are ALL Enlisted

March 26, 2012


I sat in the pew, surrounded by women I barely knew and hardly understood, because that was where I was supposed to be. It was certainly not where I would have chosen to be. In a few minutes three eternally smiling, painfully sweet women would speak with pleading, wavery voices about the joy of being […]

The Servant’s Answer

February 8, 2012


Some time ago I published a post on a very intriguing question that comes up frequently in scripture. I’ve been thinking about an answer to that question that also comes up frequently, and that is equally instructive. Few words, lots of meaning – I’m really beginning to appreciate the Hebrew language. As a brief recursive, […]

You Get What You Pay For

July 27, 2011


A friend today wrote a piece that served as a flash point for thoughts that have been coalescing in my mind for some time. I appreciated his insights, carefully offered as a professor in a respected business program of a major university. I have my own to add as well. With a long history of […]

My Silver Anniversary

August 5, 2010


Perhaps it was all that time as an undergrad studying history, but time is a fascination to me, and I tend to mark milestones in the smooth increments of building block numbers. Twenty-five years ago last Monday, I knelt across an altar and made a commitment to someone for all the years I would walk […]