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Embracing Imperfection

February 10, 2014


My missionary is home . . . early.  For many of you your first thought is pity for me because you assume he has a moral issue and that I’m embarrassed. Or perhaps he was poorly committed to a mission, like so many young men seem to be these days. Or ill-prepared in the first […]

Treatment Through Revelation

February 22, 2013


This essay is part of the Peculiar Minds series at Real Intent. One of the most common misconceptions among latter-day saints is the idea that if we were spiritual enough we would be able to overcome mental and emotional issues. I think this arises out of proximity: the Lord speaks to us in our minds and in our […]

Birthing Hope

April 5, 2012


I was invited to write a special article for Holy Week at – you can see it here. For my regular readers, I am also including it here. A wave of nausea washed over me as I felt the familiar tightening again, the groan rising silently in my soul: “here it comes.” Long minutes of pressure […]

Angry All The Time

April 2, 2012


When I was a little girl, I was afraid of my Grandma. It wasn’t just that she had a shrill voice and worked like a steam engine, it was that she was potentially volatile. She would shriek at my grandpa, but he just ignored her. She gave me quite a spanking once for smacking my […]

Hard Days

January 22, 2012


Everyone has them. Yesterday afternoon I found myself sitting on the corner of my bed staring into the darkness, trying to feel something, anything. I let warm tears course down my cheeks as I finally surrendered to the lostness that has been creeping after me for a very long time, waiting for an easy moment. […]

For Such a Time as This

November 21, 2011


Each visit of my sweet mother brings stories I’d never heard. Today I sat across from her at a busy buffet window table, and learned why she is still Mormon. Many years ago my parents suffered through hard times exacerbated by the fragility of youth and a genesis absent faith, for my parents found the […]


July 31, 2010


As a toddler I nearly drowned in an undertow in the Caribbean, and ever since I’ve had varying phobias about water. When I was about six years old we were swimming in a swift-running creek at my grandparents’ home in Arkansas. There was a den of snakes in the bend of the creek where driftwood […]