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Helping Out in School

September 6, 2012


Last night I went to sleep troubled about a situation with one of my children, wondering how I could best help him in his struggle to find his own path. This morning I awakened from a helpful dream. I had gone to school to help out with a Kindergarten class (not something I’ve often done […]

Struck by Lightning

April 9, 2011


This morning I awoke from a dream just as a bolt of raw energy hit me from a stormy sky, my arms thrown wide as I was flattened on my back. I wasn’t so much frightened or hurt as irritated that in this battle with the heavens I had been knocked backward. The dream had […]

Why are you talking to me like you don’t know me?

September 23, 2010


A dear friend shared a dream with me today. It went something like this: She was driving along a country road and had car trouble. She got out and began walking, thinking to find help. She came to a treeline and thought, being a country girl, “Oh, good! There will be a house on the […]

The Bucket List

May 25, 2010


Before I die I want to … parasail off of Rainbow Bridge live on every continent (except Antarctica) fall in love again take all my kids and their spouses to Italy bike from the east to the west coast write the books in my head visit a supercollider learn Italian and remember French build my […]