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Does God Need Me?

October 23, 2012


I sat doubled over in the temple dressing room stall sobbing quietly but uncontrollably, when suddenly I heard a frail voice wavering closer, “Sister Atkinson? … Sister Atkinson?” Quickly I swept my dress up and pulled my feet under me on my tiny perch, holding my breath and willing my shaking body not to give […]

In Defense of Feminism

April 14, 2012


For conservatives, the mere word brings up images of carping women demanding not parity, but outrageous concessions. Feminists are, in my faith, considered some of the worst examples of apostates, overturning a natural order of things that is not only wholesome but sacred. To women, they are the narrow-eyed critics of stay-at-home-moms and threaten the […]

A Mother There

March 23, 2012


I’ve lately been reaching for God’s wife. I’m not a feminist or a Wiccan or a Mormon woman interested in being ordained. I am a believer that Godhood is parenthood, that the God I see in scripture is my Father, and that just as any child expects to grow up to be like her parents, […]

A Woman’s Place

June 15, 2010


After that title, are your hackles rising, just waiting for me to say it? Are you shaking your head, sure something provincial is about to land with a thud in front of the slow-moving train that is gender progress? Good. You’re after my own heart. But read on, I might have something surprising to say. […]