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You Can’t Fix This

August 26, 2012


When I’m upset I clean. There is something calming about putting order to whatever chaos surrounds you to order your mind and heart. I’ve learned not to talk then, not just because I’m a whirling dervish, but because my evaluations are ill-formed, often baseless, and imprecise. While when rational I usually learn what I believe […]

The ABCs of Turning Friends Into Enemies

August 23, 2012


This week Rep. Todd Akin very publicly put his foot in his mouth. Last month Pres. Obama very publicly put his foot in his mouth. On a fairly regular cycle in politics, someone with a visible platform is speaking sans the self-editing function and a brouhaha broils for a bit. For those who follow politics, […]

Hospitality Regained

December 9, 2011


In the heat of the day, Abraham sat in the doorway of his tent, and according to the midrashic Jewish tradition, he had all the flaps rolled up. This was that he might be able to see with perfect clarity any wayfarers who might pass by, that he could then, as he did, run to […]

Service Project

September 11, 2011


A few days ago I had a dream about a bunch of ladies having lunch. Perhaps a boring subject for a blog, but it was a very enlightening lunch. Around a table for maybe 8 or 10 – one of those nice round tables, well-suited for equality of conversation – about 4 of us were […]

Have a Little Faith

May 11, 2011


My sister is in the middle of a crisis. We’ve been best friends for decades, so her crisis is my crisis. Her son and eleventh child is in the pediatric intensive care unit in a hospital a thousand miles away from here and the most his doctors will say is that they are “cautiously optimistic.” […]


July 27, 2010


Every Tuesday I have lunch with a great group of friends. We call it “committee.” Actually, they call it committee, and I just come, because it’s been going on for years and I just got here. But it’s a wonderful thing. We talk. We laugh. We make each other think. And we eat. What could […]