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March 15, 2013


In the synoptic gospels there is a story of a certain man who came to the Master seeking to know what he should do to inherit or gain eternal life. The Master reviewed the commandments in a quick recitation of the well-known steps to heaven, worn by the feet of the children of Abraham since the time of Moses, […]

Everyday Missionaries

December 21, 2012


My gospel doctrine class sat on the edge of its collective seat as I told the unbelievable story of the milkman from Maine. He presided over a small branch into which 451 people were baptized in one year, and then 190 more people were baptized the next. The spirit filled the room – a missionary […]

Altered Shirts and Stable Patterns

September 14, 2012


I dreamed this morning of a man with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. I woke up alone, as I always do. I am single. In my newsreader today a recent story from the Huffington Post proclaimed a “crisis of singles has arrived” among the Latter-day Saints. “More like a Great Depression,” I thought wryly […]

You’re A Peach

August 18, 2012


Today I spent the morning at the cannery doing peaches and learned something about the fellowship of the saints. We arrived early, watched the safety video, hairnetted and gloved and earplugged, and then waited to be assigned our spot on the production line. The lead looked at me and asked me if I minded getting […]

The Gospel, the Church, and Conversion

June 17, 2012


We’re trying something at Wheat & Tares – call it Sacred Sundays if you will. We want to regularly take a break from politics and social issues to discuss the foundations of our personal faith as Latter-day Saints or people interested in the Latter-day Saints. In April Conference, Elder Donald L. Hallstrom (Converted to His […]

The Third Redemption

April 8, 2012


In the dark betrayal of night the hotheaded Galilean followed his friend. He would have died for him, with him, in a bloodfight, and even still his sword rested sheathed against his leg, ready. He had proved his loyalty, striking boldly at the guard, inviting the battle, and his master had only healed the wound. […]