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Who Owns Our Success?

July 19, 2012


Mr. Obama has a case of foot in mouth lately. Poor guy. I actually sympathize. Several years ago my oldest, who has taught me a lot about being a more humble human being, pointed out that I didn’t own either her successes or her failures. In utter exasperation one day, she said that she was […]

Get Miracled

November 28, 2011


I think the Lord delights in setting up impossibilities. I used to call it “chicken,” meaning that it felt like I was faced off against him and we were heading straight for each other at breakneck speed. Of course, he being perfected, all-knowing, and omnipotent, I was going to be the first one to dive […]

An Absence of Fanfare

November 11, 2011


She rocked and nursed her baby tiredly, her heart reaching to God wistfully for answers. Her daughter prayed with such faith to find the special stuffed rabbit, now lost, in naive prayers that God would somehow bring it back to her. Her mother rocked and sighed that those kinds of prayers just don’t often seem […]


July 31, 2010


As a toddler I nearly drowned in an undertow in the Caribbean, and ever since I’ve had varying phobias about water. When I was about six years old we were swimming in a swift-running creek at my grandparents’ home in Arkansas. There was a den of snakes in the bend of the creek where driftwood […]

The Glad Game

June 8, 2010


When things get dark, as they sometimes do, it’s helpful to smack someone. I mean, it’s helpful to smile, and count your blessings. I was thinking today that my life is about as happy as it’s ever been, and I have a lot that I appreciate, and that’s saying something, because I’m pretty generally a […]