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Embracing Imperfection

February 10, 2014


My missionary is home . . . early.  For many of you your first thought is pity for me because you assume he has a moral issue and that I’m embarrassed. Or perhaps he was poorly committed to a mission, like so many young men seem to be these days. Or ill-prepared in the first […]

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

May 4, 2012


“Dr. Dale Hull experienced a major life change – not to mention a career change – in 1999. He was a highly successful OB/GYN physician at the time, but a freak trampoline accident suddenly rendered him quadriplegic. With his medical training, he knew at the moment he landed that his life would never be the […]

Have a Little Faith

May 11, 2011


My sister is in the middle of a crisis. We’ve been best friends for decades, so her crisis is my crisis. Her son and eleventh child is in the pediatric intensive care unit in a hospital a thousand miles away from here and the most his doctors will say is that they are “cautiously optimistic.” […]

I Can See Clearly Now

May 2, 2011


He sat on the ground, blind, minding his own business, trapped in the unwanted and inescapable solitude of darkness. A group of men walked by, noticed him, and wondered philosophically aloud about the nature of God that he was blind. Someone stooped in front of him, and he cringed at the familiar sound of spitting. […]

Passing Understanding

September 3, 2010


I’m sitting in a recliner in a hospice unit listening to my father breathe out the last bits of his life. The last three days have been a blur, with arrangements and realizations and coming to terms all wound together like a tapestry washed and dried before it was finished. Now, in the quiet of […]


August 16, 2010


I love to read, and to write, and best to talk about what I read when I write. Sometimes I write chapters of books. I have five books going right now; I don’t care if I finish them. There’s something magical about forming a thought and building it and garnishing it and painting it, with […]


August 1, 2010


Today in Sunday School we were talking about Naaman, the Syrian who had a Hebrew servant and listened to her when she presented to him a cure for leprosy. I was asked to read the account, and while standing and reading, I fumbled the wording. It piqued my interest, because I knew it wasn’t right, […]