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One Healthy Body

December 21, 2012


The Word of Wisdom is about the law of consecration. Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know that. I’m reading the Doctrine and Covenants during November and December for my personal scripture study, journaling my life and observations as I go, and when I read Section 89 I stopped abruptly at these words (emphasis […]

I’ve had a Revelation!

July 1, 2012


I have actually, (I’m finally ready to write that book, Helen!) but that’s not what I want to talk about. I was reading Elder Scott’s talk at the last General Conference tonight and was preparing to make my lists of activities that help improve inspiration and choices that get in the way as I aligned […]

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

May 4, 2012


“Dr. Dale Hull experienced a major life change – not to mention a career change – in 1999. He was a highly successful OB/GYN physician at the time, but a freak trampoline accident suddenly rendered him quadriplegic. With his medical training, he knew at the moment he landed that his life would never be the […]

Wilderness Cleanse

March 16, 2012


Twice a year, at the change of seasons, I perform the shanka prakshalana, an ayurvedic process that strengthens holistic living. More involved than this post can tolerate explaining and with a complexity that distracts from my purpose in writing today, I will abbreviate its meaning to say that it is meant to reset our souls […]

Smoke and Mirrors

May 30, 2011


Yesterday I taught a lesson on hypocrisy. It’s a subject that I always dance around gingerly, because the only way we can see it is in others, which is rather a good definition of the blasted vice. That makes it nearly impossible to find or give examples without implicating oneself – not a hugely productive […]

The Woman in the Glass

May 27, 2011


Paul talked about the tantalizing nature of perception when he said that “now we see through a glass darkly.” The translation is more accurately rendered “now we see through a bronze mirror.” It refers to the type of looking glass available to people of his time: bronze, not terribly smooth, not rendering a clear image, […]