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Embracing Imperfection

February 10, 2014


My missionary is home . . . early.  For many of you your first thought is pity for me because you assume he has a moral issue and that I’m embarrassed. Or perhaps he was poorly committed to a mission, like so many young men seem to be these days. Or ill-prepared in the first […]

Your Life is So Easy

May 15, 2013


Previously published in the discussion forum at Real Intent. Some years ago I was Young Women President shepherding a group of very individualistic souls. One was a gregarious young woman, whose parents were divorced and mother was earning barely above minimum wage, whose life was filled with economic distress but whose character responded by stepping […]

Called to Fall

March 12, 2013


Half a year and most of a lifetime ago our world turned inside-out. With the passing of months, the thought of it still awakens a creeping paralysis in my gut, a dark void that yawns threateningly after us. I have to take hold of myself and shake myself free every time. Mike is gone. We failed. Last Fall, a […]

The Lord’s Plan to Prepare

October 9, 2012


…An unseen power will aid me and you in the glorious cause of truth … Courage, for the Lord is on our side … These words have been going around and around in my mind last night and this morning as I’ve yearned in prayer toward the Lord. Not in fearful “oh please oh please” […]

Digging Deep Wells

September 16, 2012


I sat in the evening session of Stake Conference last night as scrambled as a Kal-toh game. Organize kids to help, pick tomatoes, wash and boil and icewater and skin them (the tomatoes), cut and squeeze and blend and boil them, add spices, chop onions and peppers and add them, turn down to simmer, hurry […]

The Monster in My Window

September 4, 2012


I used to be afraid of the dark. I grew up on a lonely farm in the Ozarks, nestled in the woods at the top of a hill. We couldn’t see any neighbors, nor were any within walking distance. When we settled in for the night, it was just us and the night. The living […]

The Signs in the Maze

August 25, 2012


I have an ambivalent relationship with The Giving Tree. I’m sure there are those who haven’t felt the need to fight with the children’s classic. When I was a young mother, consumed with love for my first daughter, I read into the tree’s sacrifice the lengths to which I would go to nurture her journey […]

The Parable of the Piano Lesson

August 6, 2012


I’m not creating new epiphanies today, but merely sharing someone else’s. In this case, the eloquent one is Brad Wilcox, who is speaking at a BYU Devotional. He tackles the much-misunderstood topic of grace. You’ll probably enjoy listening to him, because he is more eloquent than I, so I’ve embedded the video below, but I’ll […]