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Digging Deep Wells

September 16, 2012


I sat in the evening session of Stake Conference last night as scrambled as a Kal-toh game. Organize kids to help, pick tomatoes, wash and boil and icewater and skin them (the tomatoes), cut and squeeze and blend and boil them, add spices, chop onions and peppers and add them, turn down to simmer, hurry […]

The Parable of the Piano Lesson

August 6, 2012


I’m not creating new epiphanies today, but merely sharing someone else’s. In this case, the eloquent one is Brad Wilcox, who is speaking at a BYU Devotional. He tackles the much-misunderstood topic of grace. You’ll probably enjoy listening to him, because he is more eloquent than I, so I’ve embedded the video below, but I’ll […]

Plork is magic

May 17, 2010


Play/Work. Plork. It is doing the thing that needs done with joy, and mixing the thing that needs done with other things that go with it. When I was a child I had to weed. Now I weed for therapy. I remember deciding to learn to garden, because it was what grown people do, and […]