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On Commentary and Conduct

March 12, 2013


Originally published March 7, 2013 as the beginning of a series discussion at Real Intent. One of our core principles at Real Intent is to refrain from controversy for its own sake. In our conversation together about what topics that we discuss privately as a group will be published for the world, we steer continually […]

Thoughts on Home and Visiting Teaching

January 25, 2013


Liz, at Real Intent, today posted this question: I’m a hermit. I freely acknowledge this. And for several years, I’ve not been a Visiting  Teacher (for a lot of reasons, but hermit-hood is on that list.) I’ve recently been praying about it, and have accepted a VT calling again. I don’t mind being cordial with other […]

Why I Think We’re Having the Wrong Conversation

January 11, 2013


Last year Neylan McBaine, founder of the Mormon Women Project, rocked the Bloggernacle by making a presentation at FAIR about equality between the sexes. While her data on “the crisis” (her words) in the Church regarding women and leadership opportunities is drawn from a narrow sampling of vocal agitators for change (analysis here), she made […]

No Turning Back Now

November 7, 2012


While half of our nation is in a relative state of mourning the morning after, the Church has great reason to rejoice. No matter which US political party won, the gospel triumphed. When the Savior visited the people on this continent after his death in Jerusalem, on his second day ministering he shared these words: […]

Does God Need Me?

October 23, 2012


I sat doubled over in the temple dressing room stall sobbing quietly but uncontrollably, when suddenly I heard a frail voice wavering closer, “Sister Atkinson? … Sister Atkinson?” Quickly I swept my dress up and pulled my feet under me on my tiny perch, holding my breath and willing my shaking body not to give […]

A Comfortable Dead Watch

October 11, 2012


My eyes darted across my dresser one last time as I rubbed frantically at my left wrist. Where was it?! I could not leave without it, but the clock on the wall was fairly shouting that I was going to break my word if I did not go right then. I would have to choose […]

A New Beginning

September 26, 2012


Not quite a birth, but sort of a marriage! I’m so deeply pleased to announce the beginning of great new relationship. Twenty-three faithful authors have joined me to create Real Intent, a gathering place to discuss pragmatic issues surrounding our LDS faith. We are focusing on increasing personal faith, strengthening families, and effectively engaging in […]

Altered Shirts and Stable Patterns

September 14, 2012


I dreamed this morning of a man with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. I woke up alone, as I always do. I am single. In my newsreader today a recent story from the Huffington Post proclaimed a “crisis of singles has arrived” among the Latter-day Saints. “More like a Great Depression,” I thought wryly […]