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Wilderness Cleanse

March 16, 2012


Twice a year, at the change of seasons, I perform the shanka prakshalana, an ayurvedic process that strengthens holistic living. More involved than this post can tolerate explaining and with a complexity that distracts from my purpose in writing today, I will abbreviate its meaning to say that it is meant to reset our souls […]


January 26, 2012


Boxing. It was Joyce Carol Oates’ infatuation with the metaphors permeating this bloodsport that finally nailed the coffin lid shut on my love of fiction, ironically in the last semester of my degree … in English. While I seldom read fiction anymore, I do watch it, and I recently watched an episode of one of […]

Hard Days

January 22, 2012


Everyone has them. Yesterday afternoon I found myself sitting on the corner of my bed staring into the darkness, trying to feel something, anything. I let warm tears course down my cheeks as I finally surrendered to the lostness that has been creeping after me for a very long time, waiting for an easy moment. […]

The Adversary of My Soul

January 13, 2012


My nerves have been jangled most of the day. It’s fallout from a family conflict earlier, one of the things I detest more than anything else. My home is a haven and very often an extension of my inner environment, and infighting is like releasing a supervirus. I’ve long thought that harboring disdain and the […]