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One Healthy Body

December 21, 2012


The Word of Wisdom is about the law of consecration.¬†Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know that. I’m reading the Doctrine and Covenants during November and December for my personal scripture study, journaling my life and observations as I go, and when I read Section 89 I stopped abruptly at these words (emphasis […]

Return And Bring Me Word

October 15, 2012


(Last week.) Once again, the supervisor has put off starting my son at the seasonal job that is crucial for his savings for the mission that starts in less than 5 months. As this is only one of about six serious, swirling, swamping problems, I decided to retreat today to the mountain and consider my […]

Helping Out in School

September 6, 2012


Last night I went to sleep troubled about a situation with one of my children, wondering how I could best help him in his struggle to find his own path. This morning I awakened from a helpful dream. I had gone to school to help out with a Kindergarten class (not something I’ve often done […]

You Can’t Fix This

August 26, 2012


When I’m upset I clean. There is something calming about putting order to whatever chaos surrounds you to order your mind and heart. I’ve learned not to talk then, not just because I’m a whirling dervish, but because my evaluations are ill-formed, often baseless, and imprecise. While when rational I usually learn what I believe […]

The Signs in the Maze

August 25, 2012


I have an ambivalent relationship with The Giving Tree. I’m sure there are those who haven’t felt the need to fight with the children’s classic. When I was a young mother, consumed with love for my first daughter, I read into the tree’s sacrifice the lengths to which I would go to nurture her journey […]

The Advocate

July 12, 2012


Imagine, hypothetically, that you lived quite differently from most people around you, perhaps, say, choosing a religion that involved lengthy blocks of time serving during the week even after Sunday services, a rigorous code of health, and a whopping 10%+ of your income. Imagine also that you had lived in a community of people who […]

A Useful Illusion

May 27, 2012


Cross-posted at Wheat and Tares. My dad is dead. He died the year before last. He lived for 68 years and he was cranky for a lot of it. When he died nobody was particularly sorry, including him. I know, because I was there. In the silence of the hospice room, after all our rushed […]

A Disposition to be Pleased

April 19, 2012


He sat silent, his hand on the door handle, steeling himself. I waited, knowing how hard this was for him. We did this often. He took a deep breath but he didn’t say, “Do I have to go?” Instead, he said, “I wish I weren’t scared.” My mother heart leapt into my throat, but I […]