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The Woman in the Glass

May 27, 2011


Paul talked about the tantalizing nature of perception when he said that “now we see through a glass darkly.” The translation is more accurately rendered “now we see through a bronze mirror.” It refers to the type of looking glass available to people of his time: bronze, not terribly smooth, not rendering a clear image, […]

They look just like me

June 11, 2010


Despite being completely burnt out in school, I was genuinely sorry to see our legal issues class end last night, while I was desperately relieved. As far as sitting in a classroom goes, I think it’s been about the best use of my time in recent memory. As we closed the class, our Hispanic instructor, […]


May 26, 2010


Not only is there always a backstory, I’m inclined to believe there’s also usually a sidestory. We’re all familiar with the backstories of people whom we care about and understand. We know the “whys” and the “whats” that are part of their “how” in dealing with life, and we consider that as part of their […]