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A Comfortable Dead Watch

October 11, 2012


My eyes darted across my dresser one last time as I rubbed frantically at my left wrist. Where was it?! I could not leave without it, but the clock on the wall was fairly shouting that I was going to break my word if I did not go right then. I would have to choose […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

August 24, 2012


I’ve been mulling for months what constitutes faithful questioning, unable to pin down what separates a search from a savaging of sacred things. For the most part, it seems a personal matter, floating along a spectrum of individual taste and preference, but there has been something elusive, teasing that there is some standard of differentiation. […]

That’s Not Fair

January 3, 2012


Someone bilks someone else out of their home and seems to go scot-free. A marriage partner reneges on religious covenants and the church does nothing about it. A child is born with a rare condition that ravages her body and diminishes her experience of life. A business partner embezzles funds then moves out of the […]

Good Trumps Free

December 6, 2011


This could be one of those grammar discussions, like how punctuation matters (“Let’s eat Grandma!” or “Let’s eat, Grandma!”) but it’s not. This isn’t an offer of something for nothing, unless you count the fact that you don’t have to pay me to read what I think. I had to write it that way because […]

So What?

April 10, 2011


I love a lot of things, but few things more than teaching. There is something transcendent about personal discovery that you carefully fashion so that someone else can also experience that exhilaration, that suddenly widening view. So I would more accurately say that I love it when that happens. Unfortunately, more times than not, that […]

Struck by Lightning

April 9, 2011


This morning I awoke from a dream just as a bolt of raw energy hit me from a stormy sky, my arms thrown wide as I was flattened on my back. I wasn’t so much frightened or hurt as irritated that in this battle with the heavens I had been knocked backward. The dream had […]


March 31, 2011


In the richest country in the world, we are a society of beggars. I was shaken by this realization several months ago when I heard a leader of a wonderful international change organization (aka “charity”) say that they had chosen in a management “rethink” to withdraw from their traditional fundraising. Why? Because they were in […]