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Called to Fall

March 12, 2013


Half a year and most of a lifetime ago our world turned inside-out. With the passing of months, the thought of it still awakens a creeping paralysis in my gut, a dark void that yawns threateningly after us. I have to take hold of myself and shake myself free every time. Mike is gone. We failed. Last Fall, a […]

Which Side of the Lines? Wheat or Tares? Choose.

September 7, 2012


For more than a month I’ve felt driven in family times each evening to talk to my teens (I have five still at home) about asking more of themselves. We can get up each day, brush our teeth, put on clothes, go do our thing, come home and relax, go do fun stuff, and go […]

Lazarus, the Widow, and Other Heroes

May 20, 2012


Cross-posted at Wheat and Tares. He smiled warmly at me when I walked into the store, his wife having called ahead to brief him on my need. Motioning me to follow him, he checked to see that someone else would take care of the customers at the parts counter and we went out back to […]

To Climb the Mountain

March 14, 2012


He had narrowly escaped execution as a young man and fled the homeland that not only nurtured his fathers but his mentor, until that mentor likely disappeared. He was alone, wandering in a foreign land, whose culture like his own valued patriarchal lineage connections more than anything, with only his God as protector and guide. […]

The Battle of Bedford Falls

November 30, 2011


Life takes turns that we would not have chosen, frequently leaving us with less than we need to do what we need to do. I am reading Rough Stone Rolling, a delightful biography of Joseph Smith, and a different picture of the man more than 13 million living souls revere as prophet than they might […]