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On Lost Opportunities

October 17, 2012


Scriptures are not really that important in God’s eyes. This morning I was reading the early chapters of the Doctrine and Covenants and pondering the experiences of Joseph and Oliver and Martin. I’ve often mused about the circuitous route that was the translation process, but today I was particularly interested in why an all-powerful God, […]

Which Side of the Lines? Wheat or Tares? Choose.

September 7, 2012


For more than a month I’ve felt driven in family times each evening to talk to my teens (I have five still at home) about asking more of themselves. We can get up each day, brush our teeth, put on clothes, go do our thing, come home and relax, go do fun stuff, and go […]

Hospitality Regained

December 9, 2011


In the heat of the day, Abraham sat in the doorway of his tent, and according to the midrashic Jewish tradition, he had all the flaps rolled up. This was that he might be able to see with perfect clarity any wayfarers who might pass by, that he could then, as he did, run to […]

The Word’s Advice

July 24, 2010


Child 2 came to me today, sat down in the rocking chair behind my desk, and said, “I need your advice.” Manna to a mother’s soul, but something that has happened more and more as the years have marched on and I quit shoving my advice down their throats unrequested. I like that. (I bet […]