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October 13, 2011


She was garnishing crackers with cheese filling, her two hands wrapped together around the frosting bag as she moved quickly, like an automated drill press with a flourish. I stood beside her, having arranged a few boxes of flavored crackers in a tray, holding my empty box and complaining. Like most things I complained about […]

Service Project

September 11, 2011


A few days ago I had a dream about a bunch of ladies having lunch. Perhaps a boring subject for a blog, but it was a very enlightening lunch. Around a table for maybe 8 or 10 – one of those nice round tables, well-suited for equality of conversation – about 4 of us were […]


April 8, 2011


I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve stumbled onto something important. Projects have layers. Perhaps like onions. Perhaps stimulating the same painful reaction when peeled. The year before last the street in front of my house was torn up – again – to lay a large water line and replace old water meters. The operators […]


August 3, 2010


My parents grew up with parents who survived The Depression. It made a big impact on them. “Waste not, want not,” wasn’t so much a nice aphorism as a desperate statement of reality. Just on the other side of “waste” was a dark abyss of “want” waiting to devour all of our stores and then […]

A Woman’s Place

June 15, 2010


After that title, are your hackles rising, just waiting for me to say it? Are you shaking your head, sure something provincial is about to land with a thud in front of the slow-moving train that is gender progress? Good. You’re after my own heart. But read on, I might have something surprising to say. […]