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Doctrine and Covenants Reference Companion

February 14, 2013


I don’t buy many reference books anymore. Even knowing it’s true, seeing the words before me, typed from my own fingers, is a little shocking. It’s almost like musing out loud that I don’t really want to hold your baby, something else I can’t quite imagine hearing myself say this side of a head injury. […]

The Parable of the Principals

January 20, 2012


The other day a friend, whose work life changed dramatically with a new boss along with the new year, sat across from me reborn, excited once again to be a teacher. She glowed and bounced as she talked about her day, laughed at the various trials of an overcrowded classroom, and grinned as I responded […]

They Hear

December 27, 2011


Their eyes glaze over. They’re still sitting there, dutifully immobile, but as my dad used to snort, “Lights are on – ain’t nobody home.” It’s a pretty good bet they aren’t listening anymore. Every parent and most people just trying to do their jobs have come up against vacant eyes when they’re trying to make […]

So What?

April 10, 2011


I love a lot of things, but few things more than teaching. There is something transcendent about personal discovery that you carefully fashion so that someone else can also experience that exhilaration, that suddenly widening view. So I would more accurately say that I love it when that happens. Unfortunately, more times than not, that […]