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Messengers from my Father

October 11, 2012


I could use a revelation. An angel would be good. Last week I was thinking about Adam and Eve and waiting for further light and knowledge. I was thinking that they weren’t the only ones besieged by a Satan who is eager to present solutions that aren’t what anyone needs. I was thinking that perhaps […]

10 Minutes in a Hurricane

January 29, 2012


My second son loves factoids. Any time I’m still, as in fixing a meal, he reads me any that he finds interesting. He has an app for that. “Wow,” he said, then shared his newest discovery with me. “Ten minutes in a hurricane releases as much energy as would the detonation of all the world’s […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

June 6, 2010


For our short Youth Conference, we took our youth up to a non-profit Ranch in Morgan. It has an interesting history. A couple who had been very successful as the owners of a local chain of craft stores decided to build a ranch, where they would live and invite other fellow environmentalists. Longtime scouters, they […]

I Got Your Back

June 5, 2010


I just spent some concentrated time with 16 young people camping. That isn’t the reason the cat has lost her trust, by the way, but I can tell you about another black cat that has lost some girls’ trust. While they were sleeping in an open pavilion last night, the resident huntress decided to show […]