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May 16, 2011


Constructive Criticism. Helpful advice. Wise observations. Personal reaction that helps us retool our product or our process to have greater impact. Whether we are a company looking at how to expand into a new market or one person just trying to navigate life, we are wise to consider good feedback. In the weekly class I […]

Liken, Like Mom

July 25, 2010


I heard absolutely the best story today and I have permission to share it with you. Of course it’s from my best friend, who teaches a teen Sunday school class, because she’s awesome, as everyone who knows her can and does attest.¬†They were discussing Elijah, and she chose to focus on the story of the […]

The Green-Eyed Monster

July 19, 2010


For many years I was deeply troubled by the parable of the prodigal son. As an oldest child, I probably identified with the oldest son, who styled himself as “the good one,” and I couldn’t see the fairness in the ending. Then some years ago (okay, some decades ago) my church made a movie of […]

Watch for droopy otters

June 12, 2010


Over twenty years of parenting has solidified my belief that everyone needs lots of hugs. And kudos. And people in one’s life who could correct, but choose to smile instead and have faith that the next try will be better. I don’t think just short people need this. We work and build and grow things, […]