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No Turning Back Now

November 7, 2012


While half of our nation is in a relative state of mourning the morning after, the Church has great reason to rejoice. No matter which US political party won, the gospel triumphed. When the Savior visited the people on this continent after his death in Jerusalem, on his second day ministering he shared these words: […]

The ABCs of Turning Friends Into Enemies

August 23, 2012


This week Rep. Todd Akin very publicly put his foot in his mouth. Last month Pres. Obama very publicly put his foot in his mouth. On a fairly regular cycle in politics, someone with a visible platform is speaking sans the self-editing function and a brouhaha broils for a bit. For those who follow politics, […]

To Climb the Mountain

March 14, 2012


He had narrowly escaped execution as a young man and fled the homeland that not only nurtured his fathers but his mentor, until that mentor likely disappeared. He was alone, wandering in a foreign land, whose culture like his own valued patriarchal lineage connections more than anything, with only his God as protector and guide. […]

That’s Not Fair

January 3, 2012


Someone bilks someone else out of their home and seems to go scot-free. A marriage partner reneges on religious covenants and the church does nothing about it. A child is born with a rare condition that ravages her body and diminishes her experience of life. A business partner embezzles funds then moves out of the […]

Good Trumps Free

December 6, 2011


This could be one of those grammar discussions, like how punctuation matters (“Let’s eat Grandma!” or “Let’s eat, Grandma!”) but it’s not. This isn’t an offer of something for nothing, unless you count the fact that you don’t have to pay me to read what I think. I had to write it that way because […]

An Excellent Spirit

June 26, 2011


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a boy was stolen away from his family and grew to change his world. We have only a fragmentary record of him, apparently because he was not one to record his exploits but merely to set down revelations that affected the whole scope of mankind’s […]

Free Speech

June 24, 2010


Free speech. As Americans, this may be our most prized right. From agitators who have brought us changes we didn’t, as a culture, initially embrace, to teens struggling in their growth as individuals, we relish our freedom to say what we think. In psychology, it is the beginning of all healing, that place where we […]